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ISU Group, which was founded on the ground of ISU Chemical's success,

has contributed to development of human society by following its management philosophy“Create beautiful future with abundance and convenience”

ISU Challenge the Future Share the Future

We have been dedicated to actualizing our philosophy and the activities include production of raw materials for environmentally-friendly detergent, cutting-edge IT products, construction of cozy residential spaces and social infrastructure such as roads and plants, and development of new medicines.
Having introduced the CI(Corporate Identity) in 1996 and set up group management system, ISU Group has been continuously growing to become a global business group.

Establishment of Holding Company,
ISU Corporation

"ISU Vision 2007", which was declared in January 2003, states that the total sales will reach over KRW 4 trillion in 5 years through "enhanced management efficiency" and "promotion of new businesses." In order to assure the achievement of these vision goals, the holding company ISU Corporation was established in August 2003.

ISU Corporation, currently, considers embarking on profitable projects on its own in addition to the management of the invested assets and shares of the subsidiaries. Further, ISU Corporation practices Economy of Scale by jointly conducting activities that are common to the subsidiaries such as training, PR activities, 6 Sigma and TOP management reform activities, etc. Moreover, ISU Corporation takes charge of, to enhance human resource capacity, formulating the group vision, creating unique culture within ISU Group and searching for profitable new businesses.

Leaps forward to become a global company with an advanced management system


Based on the holding company, ISU has established an advanced management system and built a foundation to grow as one entity. The holding company closely cooperates with subsidiaries who share the same management philosophy, corporate culture and brand, and paves the way to become a global company, playing an active part in the world.

ISU has a dream of creating a wonderful future for everybody. With this grand ambition, we have never ceased to stop challenging the future. We have diversified our business into chemicals, information technology, construction, biotechnology and food service industries, etc. and now we have strong competency in each field. We are also proactively making inroads into the overseas markets, realizing the vision of being a global company. We sincerely work, aggressively challenge and realize customer satisfaction, thus getting one step closer to our dream. We will create a rich and comfortable life with the best products and services, eventually building a brighter future for everybody.