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Enriches human life with high-quality chemicals


ISU displays its competitiveness in chemical industries through stable production capabilities, quality research and development skills and proactive global marketing activities. We provide high-quality materials to various industries, thus allowing us to expand together. For the evolution in chemical industries that enrich human life, ISU will lead the way.

ISU Chemical
ISU Chemical

Continues to grow to be a global leader.

ISU Chemical
  • President : Seung-Ho Ryu
  • Establishment : Jan. 17, 1969
  • Headquarters : 84, Sapyeong-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • TEL : +82-2-590-6600
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As a chemical company with a 50 year history, as well as a parent company of ISU Group, ISU Chemical is growing into a specialized global chemical company, proving excellent global competitiveness.

ISU Chemical has continuously grown, steadily producing various petrochemicals and other fine chemicals. From the manufacturing plant we have in Ulsan and Onsan, we are producing high-quality materials for various industries. Especially, we are the sole domestic producer of NP, a raw material used to make LAB, which in turn is used to make laundry detergent. Furthermore, we are recognized as one of the world’s top three producers of TDM, the self-developed high polymer synthetic resin regulator.

We demonstrate our outstanding capabilities in research and development by developing SS, TDM, IPA and NMP solely using our own technology. Also we are expanding a global production system while operating the production plant for LAB and MEK in China. We are aiming to become a world-wide recognized global specialty chemical company. To accomplish this goal, we plan to focus on gaining a new driving force to achieve growth, including the development of Sulfur Chemical and Bio Chemical products, and the launching a trading business etc., while reinforcing the market power of our existing main product lines.

ISU Exachem
ISU Exachem

The ture power of global distribution

ISU Exachem
  • President : Kiho Seo
  • Establishment : Aug. 2001
  • Headquarters : 5th fl. ISU bldg., 84, Sapyeong-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • TEL : +82-2-590-6778
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We provide high-quality chemical products, both online and offline, that are necessary for the development of various industries, thus enhancing our capability as an exclusive global distributor of chemical products.

Established in 2001, ISU Exachem is a chemical distribution company that specializes in trading and distributing petrochemicals and precision chemical products, merchandizing various chemical products such as TDM, DSOL, IPA and BASE OIL, both in domestic and overseas markets. At the same time, we started to develop various new products our customers need using customer-based sales strategy.

We now have sales networks in major locations all over the world, including Japan, China, India and South-East Asia, and are aggressively entering into new markets, such as Europe, America, Oceania, etc. We will keep expanding as a global chemical distributor by extending sales networks, both domestic and overseas, as well as by improving marketing capability to meet customer’s needs.