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Shares a happy feeling by introducing Korean flavor to the world


ISU thinks that daily happiness in life originates with small things like an enjoyable meal with wonderful people. We are delivering the Korean flavor and beauty in China, causing happiness to grow daily. Happiness in your daily life starting with healthy food, ISU will prepare deliciously.

ISU Holdings Shanghai
ISU Holdings Shanghai

Powerhouse in F&B market in China

ISU Holdings Shanghai
  • President : Gyeong-Hi Lee
  • Establishment : Oct. 2014
  • Headquarters : Rm 1603, Block D, No.48 Xingyi Rd, Changning Dist, Shanghai City
  • TEL : +86-21-5296-7211
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Starting from a high-class Korean fusion restaurant, PLENA127, we will aggressively advance into Chinese F&B markets, becoming a popular and well-respected local company.

Launched in 2014, ISU Holdings Shanghai is a local subsidiary in China that is in charge of ISU’s new food service business. Earlier on, ISU had entered into the Chinese market in the chemical and IT fields, and has established a new subsidiary in order to enter into the rapidly growing new F&B markets.

As the first business, we started operating a high-class Korean fusion restaurant with the brand name PLENA127 in Shanghai. ‘PLENA’ means ‘completeness’ or ‘fullness’ and ‘127’ represents the longitude of Seoul. The first PLENA127 formally opened in May 2015, provides various unique Korean fusion food in a luxurious and beautiful restaurant that was designed by a Chinese master, and presents rich flavor and refined beauty to local customers. We are planning to expand our restaurants all over China in the future while we make inroads to related businesses, including food supply distribution, thus becoming a representative company in the Chinese F&B markets.